I have been a visual artist for many years. Acrylic paint used to be my medium but now I am enjoying the flexibility of digital photography. This is where painting meets photography! Each photo is an art project. I experiment with textures and other elements until I find just the right balance. Some photos evoke memories of vintage simplicity and others are dreamy depictions of the sea.

Many of my paintings portray strange, uniquely American landscapes. Stark and surreal scenes have been archaeologically stripped of clutter to reveal some odd artifact such as a coin operated elephant or the bygone gas station shaped like a cowboy hat and boots. These lonely tableaus have an air of mystery and a touch of the ominous.

Long ago I majored in painting at the San Fransico Art Institute and then eventually received my BFA at the University of Hawaii. Now I live near Puget Sound and I’m constantly inspired by the moody weather, the wildlife, and all things vintage.

I have shown my work in many Seattle area venues including the Foster White Gallery in Kirkland, the Fraga Gallery on Bainbridge Island, and the COCA’s Northwest Annual. My work has been written about in the Seattle Times, Art Access, and Kitsap Newspapers.

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