Home of the Pink Champagne Cake

Bremerton – Home of the Pink Champagne Cake

“…a city of soft-drink signs; the streets of forlorn neighborhoods are paved with Coca-Cola caps, and after rain, they glint in the dust like lost dimes. Posters peel away, lie mangled until storm winds blow them along the street, like desert sage –and there are those who think them beautiful…”

Truman Capote

Truman Capote was referring to New Orleans when he wrote this, but it could have been many a town in America; many a town that has been forgotten as people move on to shopping malls, megastores, and unremarkable typography. To me it is about Bremerton with its deserted streets and remnants of the past. There is a strange charm in this town with its classic American signage — some faded and peeling, others adorning thriving businesses. There are those signs that I hope will never disappear, like the cartoon crow looking down from his neon nest, and the most endearing of all Bremerton icons: the baker holding that pink delight and letting me know this is the home of the pink champagne cake!


McGavin’s Bakery


Crow’s Nest


Tattoo Technique


Super TV Mart

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